Can You Take Sound Out Of Iphone Video

Ever been in a spot where you wanted to yank the noise out of an iPhone video? Maybe your buddy shot over a hilarious video with some odd background tunes, or you’re just feeling the silent movie vibes. Whatever’s cooking, you can totally do it on your iPhone! In this piece, I’ll let you in on how simple it is to ditch the sound from any iPhone video. Ready to dive in and master the audio wipe?

Tuning Your Video

Wanna pull sound out of an iPhone video? You got it! To kick things off, just toss your video into a friendly app like iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro. From there, jam on the audio track—mute it, tweak the volume, whatever floats your boat. Oh, and if you’re feeling it, sprinkle in some tunes or sound effects to ensure the end result is top-notch. Just a heads up though: depending on the app, the tools and steps might juggle a bit. But hey, there’s a ton of ways to shape your video’s sound the way you fancy!

Getting Down with Quicktime Player

Yep, you can totally strip sound from an iPhone video. How? QuickTime Player to the rescue! It’s a nifty (and free) program for both Mac and PC that lets you mess with videos on your computer.

Once you’ve got your video up in QuickTime Player, just hit “Window” > “Show Movie Properties.” From there, crank the volume up or down till you’re vibing with it. Feel like layering in some new sounds? Go for it.

To wrap it up, hit “File” > “Save As”, slap on a new name, and bam! You’ve got a quiet iPhone video on your hands.

Rocking with iMovie

I get it, this might seem a tad tricky. But trust – axing sound from an iPhone video is a piece of cake. With a buddy like iMovie, you’re set to slice out audio or even toss in some fresh beats and sounds.

Start by popping open the app and choosing your video bit. Tap the “Audio” button down at the bottom right. A bunch of cool options should show up: volume, balance, fade in/out, ditching background noise, and more. Wanna go full silent mode? Drag that volume slider all the way down till it’s zilch.

And if silence isn’t your jam, how about some groovy music? Pick from the tracks listed under Sound Effects or Music & Voiceovers. If you’re missing the tune you’re dreaming of, no sweat! Hop onto the iTunes Store or GarageBand, grab some new tracks, and there you go – you’ve just jazzed up your video with some epic beats!

Messing with Third-Party Apps

Okay iPhone peeps, I know you might be thinking the camera app is the end-all-be-all for video edits. But hold up – there’s a bunch of cool apps out there ready to help you ditch sound from a video. Whether you’re down for some audio tweaks or cutting the video just right, these apps have your back.

Ever heard of FiLMiC Pro? It’s pretty rad with audio and visual stuff – think noise drop, playing with your audio volume, and jamming to some added beats. Plus, it’s got wicked extras like color touch-ups, those fancy zooms, and more. And hey, there’s also InShot Video Editor & Maker which lets you add some tunes and do basic video snips.

Whipping out one of these apps? Super quick. And trust me, you’ll get some slick results in no time. So, whether you wanna tweak a tiny bit or go big on your video edits – these apps are totally worth a spin!

Shipping Your Video Out

Alright, you might’ve heard some techy folks say it, but tech stuff? Rarely straightforward. But hey, good news! Yup, you can totally strip the sound out of an iPhone video if you’ve got the right gear and a bit of know-how. Let’s dive into some ways to do the magic.

Editing vids on your phone can be a pain, so you wanna have some solid tools on hand. There’s a bunch of apps out there ready to help you snag audio from your iPhone-shot videos. And yep, there are both freebies and the fancy paid ones, depending on what you’re after. A few cool ones? WaveEditor, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, and of course, iMovie.

Found your app soulmate? Awesome! Dive right in. They’ve got handy guides and how-tos to walk you through snatching sound from your vids – as long as they haven’t been squished too much when you moved ’em. Fingers crossed, with their help, nabbing audio bits will be smooth sailing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sounds Can You Ditch from an iPhone Video?

Wanna tweak the sound in your iPhone video? There’s a ton of audio editing apps out there. Depending on the noise you wanna kick out, some apps might be better picks. Like, some are all about reducing that background noise or chucking out music, while others are cool for mixing or crafting unique sounds. Whatever app you roll with, just make sure you know how to use its tricks to nail that sound-free iPhone video.

Any Downsides to Yanking Sound from an iPhone Video?

Sure, you can strip the sound from an iPhone video, but there might be some hiccups. Depending on what you’re cutting out, you might end up with weird voice sounds or the audio might take a quality hit. So, think twice before hitting mute – or you could end up with a video that’s a bit meh.

Can You Chuck Sound Back into a Video after Nixing It?

Totally! Wanna add sound back into an iPhone video after giving it the silent treatment? Grab some editing software, a few sound effects, and you’re good. Depending on your app, dropping in a new soundtrack can be as chill as drag-and-drop or picking from a list. Plus, there’s fancy stuff like noise dropping, balancing the sound, and tweaking pitch to make it even cooler.

What’s the Smooth Move for Storing a Quiet iPhone Video?

Before you strip out sound, give your video a quick once-over. Check its quality, size, and settings. After the edit, there’s heaps of places to stash it, like the cloud or an external drive. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s got room and won’t accidentally chuck your video into the abyss.

Can You Peep a Video Minus Sound Before Sharing It?

If you’re all about seeing (and not hearing) your soundless video before sending it off, you’re in luck. Most sound-editing apps let you preview your silent masterpiece. So, you can give it a look-see and make sure it’s all groovy before hitting save or share.


To wrap this up, silencing an iPhone video can be a solid move for some projects. Just remember, once you ditch the sound, it’s gone for good. Also, don’t forget to hit save after your edits, or poof – all that work’s down the drain. Always a good idea to preview the silent vid before sending it out, so you’re sure it’s all good.

All in all, muting an iPhone video takes some smarts and care, but done right, you’ll get ace results. A little time and practice, and you’ll be bossing your videos like a pro!


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